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For example, you can token can an Ask Each Time variable in the Repeat parameter of a Play Music action, letting you choose whether or not to repeat a song when you run the shortcut. Variables are represented by small, pill-shaped tokens.

Add a variable to a text field In My Shortcuts on the shortcut you want to modify, then tap any text field in an action.

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Note: Not all actions contain text fields. The Variables bar token can keyboard are displayed. Tap Variables.

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The Variables bar token can, displaying the Select Magic Variable button and all of the manual or Magic Variables made available by previous actions. Tap Select Magic Variable. Tap the variable that you want to add to the text field. The variable is placed inline in the text field at the original insertion token can.

This is where the stored data will be placed when the shortcut is run.

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You can continue to use the Variables bar to access Magic Variables that you may want pagrindinės dvejetainės parinktys add. Optional: To add a special variable, tap Done, tap a text field, tap Variables, then tap one of the following special variables that appear as tokens: Token can Each Time: Prompts you to enter text in its place when the shortcut is run.

Click the plus icon, Generate new token and provide a name to identify the token in the future, and click Next. Copy the token value and save it somewhere for recovery - if you lose it you need to regenerate the token. The token has the token can of the user who issued it. For example, a security reader can't issue a token that can alter data.

Shortcut Input: Grabs the input that was passed into the beginning of the shortcut applicable for shortcuts that are set to run in another app. Note: You may need to swipe left to see all of the special variables.


The special variable is placed inline in the token can field at the original insertion point. Remove a variable.

Treat as wikitext El. You will receive an email; simply open it and follow the link to enable the following functions.